Il y'a 12 marques

  • 33 Devices

    Specialisation: Développement éléctronique.

    Adresse : 248000 Kaluga, Russie

    Commandes et partenaires: [email protected]

  • Arctic Parachute

    Arctic Parachute a été fondé au coeur des Alpes françaises par des ingénieurs et des opérateurs de drone.

  • CAD Drones LLC

    CAD Drones a été fondé par Joshua Allen Johnson. Il est âgé de 23 ans, chef d'entreprise (CAD Drones LLC) et étudiant pour son diplôme d'ingénieur avec une passion pour la robotique, l'impression en 3d, les véhicules téléguidés, et les activités DIY. 

  • DJI

    Creativity is at the heart of every dream. Every idea, every groundbreaking leap that changes our world starts with the vision of talented creators. DJI gives these creators the tools they need to bring their ideas to life.

    DJI's platforms empower them to capture images that were once out of reach. Their flying and camera stabilization systems redefine camera placement and motion. Amazing photos and video, treasured personal memories, and high-end professional imagery are captured every day, in every corner of the world using DJI products.

  • Evosystems

    Evosystems is born from the desire of three Italian businesses that have believed and invested in the creation of a center for research and development dedicated to the field of UAV.

  • Hacker Motor GmbH

    Hacker Motor est un des fabricants leader dans le domaine des ESC, Batteries Li-Po. Basé en Allemagne mais connu dans le monde entier.

  • Hitec RCD USA

    Hitec RCD was formed in 1973 with a mission to bring burgeoning technology to a worldwide audience. With a passion for modeling, we soon dedicated ourselves to developing the most innovative products and advancements in the history of radio control.

  • Mars Parachutes

    MARS or Multitor Aerial Recovery System is a US company from La Habra, California.

  • North UAV

    North UAV à été fondé par Kyle O’Rourke le 7 avril 2015.

    Basé à San Francisco & Long Beach, Californie, USA

  • Opale Paramodels

    Créée en 2009 par  Mathieu CHARLES, ingénieur, la société Opale Paramodels a révolutionné le monde de l’aéromodélisme en créant une discipline jusqu’alors inexistante : le parapente radiocommandé.

  • REBEL Space

    REBEL Space a été fondé en 2000 aux Pays-bas pour servir la communauté astronautique avec des systèmes, des pièces et des services de grande qualité.

  • Skycat

    Henri Hiisilä began working on a quadcopter in his garage in 2013 and unintentionally started an aerial photography business. Gradually investing in more and more expensive cameras, he started to fear losing everything in a crash, and started to look for a parachute that would be ejected in case of emergency. All he could find were clumsy, slow and heavy ejection systems, and he started to consider building his own.

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